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          Recently I've read an article on forgiveness that was very encouraging to me

and i wish to share it with you; However I want to preface this article by saying that only the strong can forgive or show mercy.


     To love the first time is not often a hard thing to do. But loving the second time is

among the most challenging things we can do in our Christian walk. Such love can be the hardest kind of love to demonstrate. It is the that tells us to love our enemies, even  as they continue to cause us pain. It is the love that asks us to bless those who curse us. this love, the second time around is summed up in the word forgiveness.

     There may be some who have done such horrible things to you that to forgive them, much less love them, would be unthinkable. You might even feel that God is standing at a distance, watching your suffering and placing an additional burden on you-

the burden to forgive. God is not cold and callous to your pain. He knows that you can take control of your pain and triumph over it only when you love the second time around.

Can you do that? Jesus did. Even upon the cross, Jesus asked God to forgive those who were torturing and killing Him

     Make a decision to forgive- for your own sake. According to Luke6:35, the promise of God to those who love their enemies is a "great reward." God knows that it is not easy, but love the second time around is the path to your healing.

Daily Grace-submitted by Dail K. Paramore

"Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy"

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