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Well you found it, Welcome to TJ'S JIBE, Here you will find the thinking expressed from the minds of the young. CAUTION: views expressed does not reflect the views as the whole of  those of the King St. Church of Christ in it's entirety.


Spiritual Power of God

The word of God helps you and beginning in the church gives you a chance to be a good person and have a better relationship with the Lord. It inspires you to help those in need. The Lord is helping you and he hears you and we should be happy that the Lord helps us in many ways. The devil is always trying to trick you. He is like a weed that grows in your life that keeps you from bringing forth good fruit. The devil wants all power over us, and he is a bad spirit. He is a liar, and the Lord is not. The Lord is the reason why we should help and care for each other. The Lord protects us, and we should be grateful that he protects us and the ones we love. He deals with us all the time because he loves us, and we should love the Lord because he protects us and gives us another chance if we did something wrong. We should not expect blessings from the Lord all the time and we should be happy because we could have nothing. Being with the Lord gives us the power to overcome the devil and so we should put our trust in God and not in the devil.



Check back back to follow what comes next. Thanks​ TJ for Your entry. can't wait for your next submission. 

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