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To Become A Christian, One Must:

HEAR-"so then Faith comes by hearing"...Romans 10:17 Acts 15:7

Believe-"without faith it is impossible to please Him"...Heb.11:6 Acts15:7

Repent-"except ye repent..." Luke 13:3-5

Confess-"Whosoever shall confess me before men..." Matt.10:32 Rom.10:9-17

Baptized-"He that believes and is baptized " Mark 16:16 Gal. 3:26,27

After being baptized, it is essential that one must continue to submit to the will of God and grow in His grace and knowledge.

The vicissitudes of life will certainly

test your commitment to your creator and challenge your desire to be saved; Knowing this, one should avail himself of all opportunities to assemble and to fellowship with the members of the Church.

The strengthening process our Heavenly Father has placed within the assembly is unparalleled and should not be under estimated.

Sound Bible teaching and direction is the foundation of a rewarding relationship with the Saviour.

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